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Blog: In Pursuit of Shalom: Welcome

Christ, The Leading Authority on Race Discussions – Not You

By Malachi Carter Today we welcome Malachi Carter to the pursuit! Malachi A+scribe Carter is a Far East Side Indy artist. He describes his writing as “those inner-city school field trips to a Broadway musical (before, during, and after).” He probably does too many things: rapper, poet, host of The Unapologetics Podcast, high school Humanities teacher, Director of Elementary at his church home, photographer, and activist. He just cannot seem to stick to wearing just one hat; t

Help! Our Babies are Dying.

This is an article I wrote for CBE after a restless night. PLEASE SHARE with your circle of influence. THIS IS AN SOS call to all “mothers & women who mother”!! HELP! Our Babies are Dying #justice #callingallmothers #mothersofzion #womenaschangeagents #shalom

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